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Long Time No See, Amigos!

So, yeah, I haven't said anything much lately, but that's because I've been on tumblr! So, yeah, this isn't actually me saying much, I'm just telling you that you can find me on tumblr, same name, where you will be much more likely to hear from me on a more regular basis. Thankies for your time!

Keep you smiles on and your frowns off,

Various Inconsequential Ramblings Pt. 3

So, I've changed my pic again. Mainly because of my massive Brolin feels, and because British boys have freakishly attractive accents. Or at least, the ones on TV do. But whatever, I refuse to ashamed. I am not abandoning my lovely Jensen, not at all, but, well...this just had to be done. Not to mention, I think this pic goes nicely with my new darker theme. Why the sudden change, you ask? Well, variety is the spice of life, I answer!

Anyway, for any curious literature geeks out there, the name of my page comes from the deliciously old-fashioned yet still relevant poem by Ann Bradstreet, widely considered the first poet to write in verse in America. Here is the poem:

The Author to her Book

Thou ill-formed offspring of my feeble brain,
Who after birth didst by my side remain,
Till snatched from thence by friends, less wise than true,
Who thee abroad, exposed to public view,
Made thee in rags, halting to th' press to trudge,
Where errors were not lessened (all may judge).
At thy return my blushing was not small,
My rambling brat (in print) should mother call,
I cast thee by as one unfit for light,
Thy visage was so irksome in my sight;
Yet being mine own, at length affection would
Thy blemishes amend, if so I could.
I washed thy face, but more defects I saw,
And rubbing off a spot still made a flaw.
I stretched thy joints to make thee even feet,
Yet still thou run'st more hobbling than is meet;
In better dress to trim thee was my mind,
But nought save homespun cloth i' th' house I find.
In this array 'mongst vulgars may'st thou roam.
In critic's hands beware thou dost not come,
And take thy way where yet thou art not known;
If for thy father asked, say thou hadst none;
And for thy mother, she alas is poor,
Which caused her thus to send thee out of door.
- Anne Bradstreet

Hope you liked! This poem just struck something me, and I felt I just had to change my page name.

Anyway, on to lighter subjects. Has any of you noticed how simply unfairly beautiful Matt Bomer is? Like, damn, man, what the fuck? You trying to kill us or what?

I NEED more caveman!au fics! Both Em and I adore those, but there are not nearly enough! I keep telling her to write one, but the frigid bitch won't oblige. Agh!

If Robert Downey Jr. ever ran for president, I would vote the shit out of his cute puppy eyes! Ugh, damn! I'm not normally into guy that much older than me, but....hnng.

I wish my dad had named me something cool like Bandit. I mean, how cook must it be to have THE fucking GERARD fucking WAY as your very own dad, huh? Seriously.

I need to meet Dylan O'Brien. I'm not even joking. I need to kiss his fucking adorable hands. And possibly drool on them, as well.


The Complexity of Geniality

Have you ever wanted to not be so fucking NICE? Like, you wanna just put your hand up, shake your head, and say "You know what, that's okay, that's good, but I don't give a fuck?" or just look someone in the eyes, nod, and say "Okay, well, fuck you very much too, sir'? Somebody? Anybody? is it really just me?

I mean, I'm all for the spread of the amiability and general nice-ness but sometimes, I wanna be the dick. If there's a douchebag for every situation, why can't I be the douchebag today, huh? Why must the lee be ever on my side? Why is the one backing down always me? Why do people expect that nice-ness from me, and are extremely disappointed/angry if they do not get it, yet are so accepting and excusing of the same thing in others? Is it something about me?

Do I put out subconscious "I'm a nice person, take advantage of me!" vibes? Do I?

....Aaaaaaand now I'm feeling guilty for even feeling this way! Like, damn! I can't even rant in fucking peace!

It's not like I feel I'm just such a fucking inherently good person or shit, cuz I suffer for that shit, bitch! It's ain't easy being the better man, taking the high road. Because once you be the better man, it's expected that you stay the better man, and once you take that high road, it's makes the folks below mighty uncomfortable to have you trying to muscle your way back down.

Fuck, I don't know, guys! Sometimes I just get really fucking discouraged, ya know? Normally, I'm pretty self-sufficient. I can easily be my own judgem jury, cheerleader, pep-talker, commander, critic, and even fucking best friend, but, sometimes, I don't need any of those, I just need for everyone else to cooperate with me sometimes. To treat me like a simple human being, with unalienable rights as all-important as theirs, and feelings in the same state. I'm not Superman, ya know? (Thank heavens! I'd much rather be Spiderman!)

Keep your cheer on and your angst off,

Various Inconsequential Ramblings Pt. 2

So, just a quick note here, but dang! I am so jealous! My BFF, or whatever, because she hates it when I call her that, just got this amayzing new icon...and she won't share! So I got one too! So nyah! But while I'd be the last person on earth, or, you know, the last person before Daneel Ackles, to underestimate the sheer beauty that is Jensen Ackles, I must admit that MS's icon is delicious! Dang that girl for one-upping me again! Oh well. Back to sucking down coff drops like coughee. Oh wait, I got that wrong.

Keep you cough drops and you coffee apart,

P.S. You observant types are probably thinking that it was about time I moved my big fat butt of the bed, huh? And to think, all it took was the MONSTER COLD FROM HELL!

Various Inconsequential Ramblings Pt. 1

Yes, that's right, this is only part one! MUAHAHAHAH! But seriously though, I have no plans for part two any time soon. This will just be a general umbrella name so that I can post my insane drivel without bothering my lazy brain to come up with a decent title. Apparently my sensationalist side died off...anywho, on with the madness!

Sooo...you know that part in Who Are You Really? when Mikky Ekko starts going "eh-eh-eh"? Yeah, course you do. But did you know that when you try to imitate him, you sound more like a cheap slut than a glorious singer? No? Well, now you do! (Trust me, I found out the hard way.)

There is some kind of magic attached to Gerard Way and the rest of MCR. I'm not even kidding. You listen to a couple of their songs and BANG you are now a soldier in the MCRmy. And I didn't even like their genre before I found them! Or, should I say, they found me *intense creepy stare and meaningful pause*....I'm just sorta kidding! But really, these guys are addicting! And I'm not just talking about their music, even though that certainly is too. I'm talking about the guys themselves! You find yourself watching vid after vid, just staring at their faces and listening to them talk, aaaaaaand now you're all creeped out.
I didn't mean it in a creepy way, guys! I meant that you start noticing and appreciating their personalities. That you start to realize the facial cues and their ideas and what makes them tick. And then you realize what an awesome group of people they are. And then you realize what a still creepy little fangirl/boy you are.
But, in all seriousness, My Chemical Romance is a great group. They have great ideas, stances on modern issues in society, messages, and, of course, music! So go check them out now and get totally obsessed with them like I am, 'kay? Good.
P.S. If you're not sure you'll like em, check out Mama. That song is amazing, Gerard's voice in it is amazing, the music is amazing, the words are amazing, and the concept is, yep, you guessed it, amazing. And just to warn you, with all the hell similies? It's War. Gerard's not as batshit insane as I am to just start of your introduction talking about hell fo real. But he is crazy enough to let you think he is...which, in the end, makes him the bigger badass, methinks.

On a somewhat MCR related sidenote, I now have the first collection of Gee's awesome masterpiece comic series, Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, which was AWESOME! Go buy it, NAO! I'm going to buy the next one as soon as possible (read: when I scrape together enough spare money. Dang, I'm so cheap.)

Anyone else bummed about the cancelment of Motorcity? No? Okay, Imma just let that one go then. But seriously, I will wear black in commemoration...tomorrow. Because today I have my awesome pink/orange/blue/purple/green/liquid awesome shirt on and I will NOT be taking it off.

Pity me, I'm sick. Both in the head and otherwise, apparently...*sniffles snot sadly and reaches for a bloody tissue to wipe nose with*
MUAHAHAaaack! Aaaack! Damn cold!

Keep you gloves on and your germ spreaders off,

My Dad Does the Assbutt Thang

Okay, so I'll admit, there was a bit of sensationalist rearing up in my for the title, but yeah, remember when Misha/Castiel throws the holy oil molotov and it hit's Adam/Michael's nipple? I now sympathize greatly with the poor dude.

My Dad was doing his usual thing, pushing me out of the house for the forced thrice weekly exercise, and we were tossing a ball around. Then, he pulls out a couple rackets and a smaller ball, and we get to hitting it back and forth. Suddenly, out of fucking nowhere, he hits that ball like it smacked his mama, and it comes rushing at me and bang! right in the nipple!

Dang! It stung like shit and he was so apologetic (he still made me play for the remaing 30 minutes though) so eventually I let it go and it really just fell off my mind, when I was checking over some SPN vids and saw the Assbutt outtakes, and I was like "OMG! My dad is an angel! And I'm a hot blond dude! And Assbutt just happened!" Like, I even said it aloud. Yes, my friends think I'm weird. I accept that now.

Anyway, yeah, that was my little interesting Incident of the week so Imma bugger off now to go drool at pics and vidz of Tom Hiddlesworth some more.

Shut up, my brain is drained,


What is Colfbrien, you ask? Simple. The absolutely beautiful and mind-blowingly amazingly talented and just purely awesome amalgamation of Chris Colfer and Dylan O'Brien. Yes, before you ask, I know they're not dating but...hot damn! a girl can dream! And just imagine the little gay-babies! Agh!

But I am feeling particularly triumphant, seeing as, on this very day that I finally realized how amazingly cute together but also somewhat similar these two look, I find a fic with them having hot gay incestuous sexy tiemz with each other in a brothers!AU. *Sighs happily* It's not everyday that someone else in the world catches up with my brilliance, but when they do...it is most glorious. Either that or it annoys the fuck out of me.

Anywhore, sorry, sorry, I meant to post daily, but clearly I'm a lazy biatch, and can't be bothered to be steady and regular instead of spastic and, um. irregular so, deal with it.

Keep your hats on and your bitch modes off,

I am Content...or am I?

Do you ever have someone ask you what you want, for you to just stare and go, "...ummm, nothing...?" No? Then it's just me. Seriously though, it's not like i'm rich or anything, I just...don't really want anything right now. I have a fairly new laptop, internet connection, the possibility of a puppy in a couple years when we finally settle down, a pair of nice boots, and winter on the horizon. I am content with my life right now.

...Buuutttt...if someone wanted to buy me like, say, a freaky awesome leather jacket, Dean Winchester style, then they can go right the fuck ahead! Hey, that just made me think...I want Jensen Ackles to make a Dean Winchester Style video, Gangnam Style. That would be so fucking cool! And while he's at it, he can make a porn video with Jared. Seriously, why must those to be both ridiculously hot and amazingly awesome?! It would be some much easier on my poor, stupid fangirl heart (that Jared just loves to play with!) if they were a pair of dicks, y'know?

And maybe I want an Impala, too. Nevermind I'd never drive the thing, but I want one, damnit! And Dean Winchester in handcuffs in the driver's seat. No, no, wait! I want him in the driver's seat, Sam tied up beside him with the "bitchface" on proper, Castiel with his mouth duct-taped in the backseat beside a chained up Adam. Gah! My inner dominatrix tingles!

Keep your head on and your common sense off,

Happy Freaking Birthday!

So today has been a pretty okay day, and, what's more, it's one day closer to the weekend, so...anyway, I just decided to wish a happy birthday to anyone whose birthday it is today. So here I go.

Gather 'round friends, and lift up your beer,*
I call for some dancing, and singing, and cheer,
Our friend over here, who is certainly dear,
Is older today, by exactly a year.

I'm not gonna say if it's good or bad,
Of if our friend here is happy or sad.
But if it's the former, we're certainly glad,
For every year has it's fun to be had.

So now that I'm through,
Without further ado,
We all say: Happy Birthday to you!

There ya go! Feel free to use it....not that I think it was sooo good that you all want to use it or something. That'd just be stupid. Also, for the asterisk, I'll admit that I just put beer there because it rhymed. I don't actually drink. One, because I'm too young (why the hell are we allowed to have sex but don't drink?! we're fucking 19! for some of us, the only way we get laid is if we get drunk!), and two because I get addicted to shit easily (cough-fanfiction-cough), and I don't need that junk in my life right now...or really, ever. 

Keep your heaters on and your hair-curlers off,

P.S. On a completely unrelated side note, how in the bloody flipping nine circles of hell do mothers and fathers have the patience for their bratty toddlers?!?!


Like, what is up with sushi? Why is it so freakily delicious? I mean, I don't even like fish unless it's been deepfried within an inch of it's life! And even then, gimme some beef, some pork, some chicken, or even some shrimp (which isn't technically fish, right?) and the fishy-wishes can wave by-fucking-by. But SUSHI.

The sweetness of the rice, with the tang of the seaweed, and the veggies add a bit of crunch and earthiness to the salty softness of the salmon. Omagawsh! It's just too good! But whatever. I didn't actually make this post just to rant about sushi.

...Okay, I lied, I totally did. But only because my life is a boring ball of...boringness at the exact moment. Nevermind, sushi is still awesome, and I am too.

Keep you condoms on and your bitch faces off (unless you look like Sam Winchester),